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Create Fertile Gardens

Every garden needs quality soil, nutrients, and protective cover to grow beautiful flowers, full shrubs, and healthy fruits and vegetables. River Cove Landscape Supply has you covered with our mulch, loam, and compost for Rollinsford, Dover, and Somersworth, NH customers. Whether you are an experienced landscaping professional or a homeowner taking on an outdoor home project, let our team of materials experts supply you with the materials you need to create and maintain a flourishing garden.

Reasons to Use Mulch, Loam, & Compost

  • Mulch is often used for several purposes. Not only does it add aesthetic value to the landscape, but the mulch will help retain moisture for plantings.
  • Loam consists of sand, silt, clay, and of course, organic material. The amount of each will determine whether your yard or garden will retain water, shed water, and be good for the growth of grass, plants, and vegetables.
  • Compost is nature’s fertilizer. Different types of compost can be used in plant beds, fruit and vegetable gardens, and as a top dressing to existing turf to help add nutrients back into the soil.

All products are subject to availability and price change.

River Cove Landscape Supply Is Ready to Help

River Cove Landscape Supply’ collection of mulch, loam, and compost includes various options. Choose from our black, red, brown, and natural brown mulch, or go with certified playground chips or compost-enhanced Nutri Mulch. Fill your garden beds with our loam or super loam to provide a rich, fertile place for plants to grow. Add nutrients and boost your plant life with top-dress compost or leaf and grass compost. Our team will help you select what you need for your landscaping project.

Quality Outdoor Products for All Seasons

Please call ahead for availability.