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Build a New Stone Feature on Your Property

Building a wall or another stone feature as part of your landscaping takes a lot of work, and you want assurance the stone you use is high-quality so that it will last for years and stand up to weather and daily life. River Cove Landscape Supply has your wall stone needs covered with our assortment of beautiful stones. We supply our customers with various colors and types of stone products, such as boulders, garden path stone, steppers, and wall stone with attractive natural hues to enhance your outdoor space.

Wall Stone

Our selection of wall stone consists mostly of P.A. Fieldstone, Creekstone, and Colonial. The Colonial wall stone is an off-color bluestone or lilac bluestone and comes in a variety of sizes on each pallet. Each wall stone can be used for a variety of different projects, from retaining walls and smaller garden walls to freestanding dry-stacked walls out in front of the home. Also, check out our palletized boulders and natural stone steppers!


All products are subject to availability and price change.

Rollinsford, NH Relies on River Cove Landscape Supply

River Cove Landscape Supply has a history of working with landscaping industry professionals and crafty homeowners in New Hampshire. We value the trust you put in us to supply you with landscaping materials, including our wall stone and other hardscaping products. We are always ready to work with new and existing customers to provide the right amount of high-quality stone.

Quality Outdoor Products for All Seasons

Please call ahead for availability.