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Melt Ice With Our Winter Salt Options

River Cove Landscape Supply values the safety and happiness of all communities we serve. When winter weather rolls in, the snow and ice can be beautiful but dangerous on roads, driveways, and walkways. Melt away the slick and difficult surface with our winter products. We offer various salt options to homeowners and community professionals to get rid of risky surfaces like icy roads and walkways whenever messy winter storms hit.

Winter Products

Keep your roads, parking lots, driveways & walkways safe with our winter products. We sell Green Melt, which is our Magnesium Treated salt. It’s dyed green so that it stands out above regular salt. Green Melt also has concrete-safe additives so that it can be used as bag melt on walkways. We also have our regularly used solar salt, rock salt, and sand/salt mix.

We Help Residents Walk & Drive Safely

Snow and ice are inevitable in New Hampshire during the winter months, so be prepared with help from River Cove Landscape Supply. Our effective rock salt, solar salt, Green Melt, and salt/sand mix will ensure your streets, driveways, and walkways stay clear and safe for your morning commute. We keep our winter products affordable and readily available whenever winter weather may strike.

Quality Outdoor Products for All Seasons

Please call ahead for availability.