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Beautiful Stone for Your Flagging & Dimensional Projects

Quality is important when you choose any stone for exterior and interior improvement projects. Whether you need to lay an appealing stone path between the patio and garden, or your foyer could use a colorful feature, River Cove Landscape Supply has an excellent solution. We offer bluestone as a high-quality material for flagging and dimensional projects in Somersworth, Rollinsford, and Dover, NH. You can select your favorite from our variety of stone in blue, lilac, irregular blue or lilac, and pattern thermal.


Our Bluestone is quarried out of Pennsylvania. Bluestone is a great way to enhance your property with a new patio or walkway. Bluestone can be installed in a number of ways that allow permeability into a drainage system under the patio or a non-permeable and pitched surface to shed water. Bluestone is also a nice natural stone to bring inside the home.


All products are subject to availability and price change.

We Proudly Serve the Somersworth, NH Community

River Cove Landscape Supply makes material quality our top priority with every customer, whether they are a trained and experienced industry professional or a do-it-yourself homeowner. Let our friendly and knowledgeable team help you select the right stone color and amount for your hardscaping or interior project.

Quality Outdoor Products for All Seasons

Please call ahead for availability.